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9 years ago

Looks Like TC11 does NOT support Chrome 45.0.2454 or later!

For details, read this thread:   I thought I was chasing an angular iss...
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    9 years ago

    There was a step I was missing (Because it was not really spelled out, in depth....)


    After a completly new installation is done, if you do nothing else, you will NOT be able to use Chrome.


    If you had chrome & a previous version, after the upgrade, you SHOULD be able to use Chrome


    What is amiss?

    Chrome just changed a bunch of stuff, in the interest of security. One of the changes requires the following modifications to Chrome:

    Go to chrome://extensions/

    on the very top, check "Developer Mode"

    Browse down to the TestComplete addin. It will NOT be checked..... Check it, restart Chrome, Life is good.



    With that set of steps, I am now cooking with gas :)