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4 years ago

Logic in Find Routines

There are some old scripts that one of the tests is to find tables in a form (Not database tables as that would be easier). 

Search for Table -Not been able to that?

In a search if something is not found I want to indicate that. 

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  • Hi MarkSchofer - 


    It is possible to use logic for that type of thing, for example:

    (the hilighted object would be your table)

    Value 2 would be set based on your condition - if you were looking to execute something in the case where the table did not exist it should be set to false.


    Let me know if you have further questions.




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      Thank you so much.   I had just coded similar in a script, however our firm wants to steer toward a less technical approach. I couldn't quite figure this from the documentation. Thank you so much.