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2 years ago

Logging Test Results

In the Log I get green/pass check and red/fail log entries.


Eg. Pass:   The property checkpoint passed:  Visible equals True.


     Fail:   Unable to verify a value with the property checkpoint because the target object does not exist.


Is there a way to customize the Pass message above so that the log.   "The IsoSpeak caption of the splash screen is visible"   Or some other text so that we identify what was visible.  To change the Pass message do you have to disable the existing logging for a checkpoint.


On the Fail, is there a way to distinguish between target object does not exist vs. the value of a property does not match.   For object does not exist, I would try it as a fatal error and stop execution, but on a value not matching, I would report a failed test and continue running more tests.


There is an option on Playback to continue on error or stop on error.  What constitutes an error?   Is a non-matching checkpoint value an error.  I read a list of object types that causes an error.   If a test app raises a warning message that only exists under a certain condition, how do we test for warning message object if object does not exist is an error.  I want not having the warning to be success and continue.