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5 years ago

Log.SaveResultsAs() do not work for the LogFormat lsJUnit

Hi everyone,   I would like to export JUnit report to see my summary reports in Jenkins. Of course I read the Log.SaveResultsAs() function documentation, Viewing TestComplete Test Results in Jenki...
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    5 years ago

    Ok even if the Log.SaveResultsAs() function does not work with lsJUnit LogFormat, due to you last answer I found the way to use the command line argument /ExportSummary through the TestComplete Jenkins pluggin.

    Indeed, there were several tricky points. So when you go to the plugin configuration in your job, you click on "settings", and in the command line arguments you put :


    The tricky points are :

    • Even if the Jenkins server, and the slave agent, run on a Windows machine, use the UNIX syntax ${WORKSPACE} and not %WORKSPACE% (even if you use "\" and not "/" as path delimiter ... so UNIX syntax for environment variables, Windows syntax for others)
    • The quotes should include the argument also : "/ExportSummary:${WORKSPACE}\results.xml" and not /ExportSummary:"${WORKSPACE}\results.xml"

    Then you can specified in the post build step to publish JUnit report giving the following path : results.xml


    Thanks all for your answers