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14 years ago

Load testing results with errors

I have recorded one test case(HTTP tasktesting).It is recorded sucess fully.While running the test it is showing errors like connection0 for request1 error , host unreachable.I am not able to run load test pls send the detailed documetation for load testing.

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  • Hello Mamatha,

    Try disbling the "Correct Host Field" check box for all users in your Load Test.

    Does this help?
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    After disabling also getting same errors

    1543836558   Connection 0: The following socket error occurred during simulation:

    11001: Host not found.   7/12/2010 5:29:20 PM   0       Error
  • Hi Alex,

    I have the following situation:

    I run a load test with let's say 100 users, and the test comes back with errors.

    I open the log and it shows me 1 error although all virtual users are green (no errors or warnings for any of them). I uncheck the 'OK' check box  on the virtual users pane to make sure that only the virtual users that contain an error or a warning message are displayed but no users appear, so all virtual users must be OK. Sometimes I get this error when I record a brand new test, sometimes after multiple test runs.

    Any ideas as why this is happening?

    I am currently using TC 7.52.

    Thank you,

  • And one more question:

    can I somehow update a single request so that I don't have to re-recording the whole task?



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    Hi Andrei,

    > can I somehow update a single request so that I don't have to re-recording the whole task?

    AFAIR requests can be copied/pasted within/between tasks.

  • Hello Andrei,

    Check the "Default Log" tab of the Load Testing Log panel - most probably the errors are posted there (the tab caption is at the bottom of the panel).

    The reason is likely to be the fact that your server uses some session tracking mechanisms not based on cookies, and TestComplete cannot automatically handle them. Check the recorded task for the situations when some URL parameter with a dynamic value is sent to the server, and the parameter is different if you record the same task again.

    You can handle such situations by using the Auto-updated Parameters feature - check the Auto-Updating Page Parameters help topic for details.