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13 years ago

Improve TestComplete 7's DevExpress Support

Hi All,

We have TestComplete 7.52 licence, and we are trying to create UI tests.

Our application includes lots of DevExpress controls such as XtraGrids, GridLookupEdits, XtraWizards... etc. After some problems with DevEx controls, we have found that TestComplete 7 and TestComplete 8 generates different script codes. 

TestComplete 8 can successfully recognize DevEx controls; rather then TestComplete 7.

So i wonder how can we improve DevExpress support of TestComplete 7. I had tried to copy DLLs under Extension folder from TC8 to TC7; but it didn't helped me.

Is there anyway or only way to solve this to upgrade licence and pay more then $2000

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  • Hi,

    TC 7 is an obsolete version, and it is no longer developed. There's no way to implement new features including support for controls in it. You need to use TC 8. You can contact our sales department at for possible upgrade options.

    If this solution isn't suitable, work with unsupported controls via their native properties and methods in the way you'd do this inside an application containing them.