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6 years ago

Image and Pixel comparsion

Hi,im getting Image and pixel comparsion error in Testexecute like below

The images are not equal.

The pixel difference is 1 %.
The color difference is 1 %.

There is a slight difference between the compared images. If you want the checkpoint to report them as equal, set its Pixel Tolerance parameter to 253.


Im running scripts which worked in TestComplete in Testexecute copying all scripts,stores, on.

for few of the scripts im getting error  like this. Ideally testcomplete scripts should work in testexecute as well


so is there any way i can solve this so script work in both TestComplet and Testexecute

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    Is there a difference in the environment between where you run test execute and test complete? Test Execute does not run things any differently, so there has to be some difference between your two environments. You might have to up your tolerance to work around that if you cannot have 100% identical environments.