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5 years ago

ignore specific error

Hello everyone, in my tests I often get the error "the dllhost.exe process crashed". When I disable the stop on error function the test continues without any further problems. Is it possible to ign...
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    5 years ago

    Whether or not it affects the GUI tests, it's an error that the application is generating that should probably be reported to the developers for investigation.


    To answer your question, though... the only thing you can do to trap that error is to create an "OnLogError" event handler and, within it, add logic so that if the text of the error matches the one you want to suppress, then disable that log entry.  


    But, as noted, from a QA/Testing perspective, I'm not sure that's wise because then you're masking a potential problem and not reporting on it.  YMMV but I think it's better to keep the error being logged and work with your developers to come up with a solution.