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14 years ago

IE crash problem when using Testcomplete 6.52


Our company used Testcomplete 6.52 to test our product which is developed by ASP.NET and FLEX. We deploy our web application and database on the same machine as the the testcomplete installed. Now we always encountered the problems of IE7 crash when we run the scripts. The IE window disappeared suddenly and no alert form pop out. It will happen in random place of the execution if the script is long.I think the cript code is correct, because it occasionally be able to execute successfully. I have tried many ways to resolve this problem including re-installed  IE7  ,unable all the add-ons in IE,  but all of these did not work. We did a lot of Manual Test on the same machine , the IE7 did not crash. So I think it should not be our application's problem. Did you have some advice about it!?


our test environment is as below:

Windows Server2003 standard Edition SP2

CPU:   Intel Core 2 6420 2.13G


TestComplete:  6.52.419.7