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13 years ago

how to run from cursor in TestComplete like QTP


In the TestComplete IDE, I'm wondering how to debug from the step (cursor).

As can be seen from 2011-11-30 1-18-38 PM.gif, QTP has Run to Step and Debug from Step, from what i see, TestComplete has Run to Cursor. However, what i can do if i just want to run from cursor?

There must be some way i can do this, please help.

Thanks so much,


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    You can do so in Keyword tests, setting it to "run from current operation"... but for script code, I don't believe TestComplete allows that.

    The "Debug from Step" from QTP is, however, akin to putting a break point into a routine and then, when you run it, it "stops" at that point allowing you to step through the code from that point on using Step Into and Step Over.

    The other option is to comment out the code preceeding where you wish to start the run and then run your code.
  • Great answer. Thanks for your explaination on QTP's "methodology". I can follow that way in script mode. Thanks again!