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2 years ago

How to get the Return Value from a keyword test operation?

I can't find a way in keyword test actions to get the return value of a test step.


Here is a scenario using "Call Object Method" test action and method WaitQtObject which returns the object waited for:


In Keyword Tests, you can create a test step using the "Call Object Method" Test Action.   I created a Call Object Method, and after selecting a Messagse Box object, you are asked to select a method, and I select WaitQtObject.  Next there are parameters to enter.  After completing the steps I have a keyword test step.  If you look up WaitQtObject, it returns a value that is the object waited for and found.  To find if the object was found you call Object.Exists.


How do you get the return object? The Keyword Test step doesn't have a way to set a variable.