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15 years ago

How to Enter Current System Date for a specific TextField


I try to enter current date in a Date  field .But its failed.

I want to update the text field with current System Date(Format is like 2010/07/21) .Even i changed my system date settings to this format.

But i did't get the result.Here is the code.

                                         Sub Test4

                                         Dim wndCLASS_CHILD

                                         Dim magic_gdt

                                         Set wndCLASS_CHILD = Aliases.uniRTE.wndCLASS_CHILD96


                                         Set magic_gdt = wndCLASS_CHILD.MAGIC_GDT1


''' '''''''''''''''''''                  magic_gdt.wText = "2010/07/20"---------->Start Date Field in yyyy-mm-dd format

Sys.keys "20100720"

                                     Call magic_gdt.Keys("[Tab]")

                                      Set magic_gdt = wndCLASS_CHILD.MAGIC_GDT2

'' ''''''''''''''''''''''''                magic_gdt.wText = "2010/07/20" -------->Second date field

Sys.keys "20100720"

                                     Call magic_gdt.Keys("[Tab]")

                     End Sub

Here i want to change the date to current Sys.Date.I done using If......Then......Stmt But it doe't disply the current Date.

I want to assign the current date to those date fields.

If any one knows ....Plz Post Reply...

Thanks & Regards

Veera Bolli.