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15 years ago

How to capture the information from the Drop down box of MF client software?


I need help to capture the information from the Main frame client software which has a drop down box contains multiple information.

I used the proprty check point as specified in the Demo software but it is not able to input the data into the drop down box.

How to overcome this issue?

Your help in this regard is appreciated.


Raj Balakrishnan.

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  • Hello Raj,

    To be able to help you, we need to know the name and vendor of the drop-down control.

    Please give me this information.

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    The front end application name is Comet which gets the information from Mainframe. One of the field's has a drop down menu which was grayed out. but I can use the arrow keys to select the values from the drop down box. When I use the create property check point, it always deafult to the top most value in the drop down box. Hence I am not able to get the right information from the Mainframe. 

  • Hello Raj,

    It looks like the only way for us to suggest something is to investigate the behavior in our lab.

    Where can we get the Comet application for our investigation?