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9 years ago

Help with a dataloop within a dataloop

Good afternoon… First let me preface this by stating that I am not a developer. That being said, I am writing a web-based Keyword test that basically tests an automated ordering application.    Th...
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    9 years ago



    If you will always have three entries for each vendor, then loop2 can just have an index from 1 to 3 and quit.  


    If the number of entries will vary, then you can keep track of CurrentVendor and LastVendor.  When you go through and the CurrentVendor is different, then you need to process a purchase order before you continue.


    Seems like it would be easier to have just one loop though.  Read a row, if it's a new vendor, process the purchase order and clear the totals before you continue.  Then process the row you have and loop again.


    If you need more detail let me know.

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    9 years ago

    DCat1223 wrote:

    Hi william_roe...


    Thank you for the input.  I'm not a technical person and this is all pretty new to me so please forgive my ignorance.  I'm still muddling my way through all of this.


    Humor me if you will, as I reiterate what I think you are suggesting - I'm probably going to get this worng but here it goes...


    1) I replace any duplicate instance of Vendor# with NULL, or "" in my datasheet.

    2) When Vendor# changes, I execute the portion of the test that creates the PO, and start the loop over with the next vendor. 

    Am I close?


    If so, how do I tell the test that if the Vendor# changes to run the lines of the script that create the PO and restart the loop using the next vendor? 


    Thank you for your time.





    1) Don't input "NULL' OR "" in the vend_num cell - simply delete the redundant value in the cells and in then perform an "if" operation where the value != null. (I can include a screen capture later if it would help)

    2.) You don't need to start the loop over. Finish whatever needs to be done on page 2, the po detail (after the next non null vend_num value is found and return back to page 1 (the po header) and continue on to the next record in the loop.