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12 years ago

Having trouble mapping dialogue windows

Hey guys,

I've spent quite the good part of a few days trying to find an answer so I thought I'd post because it seems like it's simple and I'm just missing something.

I am automating our web application using keyword tests (we are trying to refrain from coding as much as possible) and when trying to upload a file I come across a dialogue box. No biggie, I'll map the buttons I need and include it in the test. Well, every time it goes to re-run the test it always says it cannot find the objects associated with the windows dialogue box. It keeps telling me it is an unexpected window. I can't highlight the window using the name mapping items, but any time I use the object spy to map them again it finds them properly mapped, yet won't find them during testing! Basically, how do I get this to be an expected window? I thought mapping the items would have done this but apparently not. Any suggestions?

Let me know if I can provide you with any more information. I have uploaded a picture that shows the dialogue window in question, as well as the mapped objects. Thanks in advance for any help.

-Steve Marshall

Quality Assurance Analyst