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4 years ago

Git Check in issues in Test Complete

Hello Everyone!


We have an ongoing issue with checking in our code in Git using Source Control from TestComplete.




User A and User B are both working on the same project, so they are editing the Name Mapping file simultaneously from two different local machines. Now when it comes to check in the code., User A commits her changes and pushes the changes. User B does a pull, gets the new changes and then commits his changes and pushes the code to Git. However, when User A does a pull to get the changes from User B, she finds numerous merge conflicts in the Name Mapping file, as well as some missing tags. User B also sees the corrupted file in his project.


I am trying to understand where are we going wrong here and how can we avoid this issue. It forces us to usually revert the changes to the last working Name Mapping file and we lose part of our work in the process. What is the best method to follow to enable smooth source control without merge conflicts?


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Hi,


    In a nutshell: All files that are part of TestComplete's project except (to certain extent) script unit files must be considered as binary files that cannot be merged. The only practically usable approach is to avoid concurrent changes of any file.


    Try to search TestComplete section of this forum for example for 'Namemapping merge' phrase - there were quite a few similar topics here. Unfortunately, I don't have links to them at hand, sorry for that.


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