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5 years ago

FireFox 67.0.1 patch

firefox stable just updated yesterday to 67.0.1.

when will a patch be available for firefox 67.0.1?


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      yes, but only 67.0 was available.

      67.0.1 became available this morning.


      is there a way to see what patches you have installed from within testcomplete?

      i could not find anything.

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        As far as I am aware, there doesn't need to be a specific TestComplete patch for every minor version of FireFox, only the major.

        Is there something that's not working right with 67.0.1?  Can you describe the specific situation?

        Generally speaking, it's usually considered a best practice to have more direct control over your testing environments.  Rather than allowing browser updates to apply automatically, I believe the recommendation is to disable automatic updates so as to make sure that a patch is available before you start using the new version.