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9 months ago

Error running test on build machine - The Stores project node does not exist.

Hi all,


so i have a few tests which have initially been created to compare some images. Those images are stored in the Stores\Regions of my project.


Locally everything run fine. However, when those tests runs on the build server they fail with the following error:

The Stores project node does not exist.

However the project seems correctly configured and the Stores node exists:

i also verified the .mds and seems normal:

Whats even more odd, is that the failing test also fail if i remove the tests steps which uses the store.

All other tests inside the project/solution works well.

Anyone have a clue of what could be wrong here?

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  • I check all, everything seems fine.

    I noticed that if i disable the "Compare Pictures" keyword operation, the test works.

    They do run fine locally thought...

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    How are you running these tests? What version are you using?

  • Those tests are run via a test execution plan.

    in using Version: x64

  • Locally using TestComplete(working), and the build server using testExecute (failing)

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    Is there an active session on the build server, i.e. is there a user currently logged on and the UI visible?

  • In the end i ended up simply removing to use the 'Compare Pictures' to compare the image....

    But now im facing the same issue but this time with the 'Compare Files', and the funny thing, im not even comparing files which are using the Stores....


    On my pc, i had to add an empty Stores\Files so that this step works. But then on the build server i have the same 'Store doesn't exist' error.



    This is very frustrating...
    Will probably going to have to compare the files using my own tools...



    Anyways i have opened up a case because this seems to clearly be a bug...