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2 years ago

Error in execution plan

Hi all,
In execution plan while am executing multiple scripts on that time am facing two issues

>>there was an attempt to perform an action at a point (71,-68), which is beyond the screen/out of the window bounds

>>zero sized window error

In my script I have tried to give some delays before and after the action also but still in almost all the script I am facing these issues commonly.

And also I have tried debug mode and single script execution In debug mode it's passing the script but single execution the for one time it's passing and another time it's failing and getting same error

Could any one help me the exact solution for these issues?? it's a kind help for me.

Many thanks in advance

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    One more idea (guessing that you are working with web application) is that quite often developers make some web elements invisible by setting their size to zero or by moving them out of viewport.

    Try to debug when such error occurs, get full name of the problematic object, find it in the Object Browser (manually navigating down the names hierarchy provided by the value of the FullName property) and check if this is really that object that you are expecting to work with. There are chances that somewhere around you may find a visible sibling. If this is a case, talk to your developers and ask them if they really 'hide' web elements instead of re-creating them. If they really follow this way and will refuse to change it (actually - this is a resource leak in the application), you'll have to search for required objects in your test code using more strict search conditions. (For example, search for the object that has width (or height) of positive value.)


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    Instead of using a delay, you could try to add a validation for a specific element of the window that is supposed to be opened as TestComplete normally waits until that specific element is visible.

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    Yes, for example. Or using a property checkpoint to check the visibility of an element.

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    In addition to the other suggestions mentioned, what it sounds like is that you're executing the job on a "headless" machine.  If there's no actual desktop rendered on the machine to execute the automation, those kinds of errors may come up.  In order to interact with a UI, there needs to be a UI.  Can you confirm that your pipeline execution is actually connecting to a desktop and not just trying to run in session 0?