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10 months ago

Error Handling Failed Checkpoints

Hey guys,


I'm working on implementing error handling in my automated tests and I was wondering how other testers approach error handling when it comes to their scripts or keyword tests.


I want to wrap my automated tests in a try-catch statement where the catch statement will launch a function that will refresh the tested application  to a default state for the next automated test.


function test1()
*Perform Actions*
*Continue Performing Actions*
//continue to test2

However, I found a tricky situation. When Test Completes checkpoints fail (regions, File, etc..), they will throw errors. In my mind, a failed checkpoint is not necessarily an error. I would like the automated test to continue to completion and I will examine the test log later.


Thanks in advance!


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    Since I test a web application and database, in my project settings, I have "continue on error". Each project will restore the database to its original state before the next set of tests are executed.

    I did look into using try...catch, but I decided to take an easy approach and not make the automation complicated.

    You need to understand the difference between exception handling, error handling and event handling.