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2 years ago

Duplicates not allowed if I'm trying to link TestComplete tests and Zephyr Tests


Could you please help me.

I created Test Plan1 with Folder1 and only 1  test1 in Zephyr.

And now I want to link tests from TestComplete with my tests in Zephyr.

I can choose Test Plan1 and Folder1, but when I'm trying to select test I see an error - Duplicates not allowed



What is wrong here? How to fix it? 

Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,


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    Sounds like that test has already been linked to another test item in your Execution Plan. You cannot link a single Zephyr test to more than one test item in TC. However, you can add more than one Zephyr test to a single test item in TC, provided the Zephyr tests have not already been linked. 


    I also don't see any Jira items selected in your 'link external cases' window - did it disappear after you clicked Finish? I assume you have already set your project properties in TC to reference your Jira project and tested the connection?