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2 years ago

Duplicate testcases maintained in execution plan in different folders is not taken in Azure Pipeline

Hi Community,


I've created a Sanity and a Regression folders on Execution plan,

The testcases which are present under the Sanity folder are also present in the Regression folder and are checked in both of them.

I've created two pipelines in Azure - one for Sanity and one for Regression.

In the Sanity Pipeline - I've used Test filter in the below way,

Now, if I run only Sanity pipeline, I get the below message in the logs,

Now, if I uncheck the testcases in the Regression Suite folder, its matching the pattern and two testcases are executed as expected


But each time if I want to run Regression or sanity...I've to select/deselect the testcases and push my changes.


Can you provide any solution please?




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    We had the same issue and I've logged a support case.  The only work around is to use to use unique names in the EP.  It looks like a bug with the TestComplete Adapter in DevOps. They want me to reproduce the issue but you have done it pretty well here.  Do you mind if I link to your case in my ticket?


    There seem to be a lot of  mounting serious issues with TestComplete which is concerning and we will be looking at alternatives in case things do not improve.