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2 years ago

Dropdown Select Options with scrolling

I am facing an issue in selecting an option from the drop-down list in web testing keyword tests


The case is like, a dropdown that has many values and I need to scroll down and select the appropriate value.


Please suggest me

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    Are you able to use the browsers' development tool, select your control and view the coding?


    In this example, I can see three options appearing.


    If you can't see all the items appearing, then it's dynamically created. You might have to perform a scroll down, to get the items to appear, then you should be able to call ClickItem(). If ClickItem() doesn't work, then try to use Find()

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      I think it supports if any objects are visible on the screen. 

      My case is the options on the dropdown are dynamic, and will get displayed when you scroll the scrollbar.