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6 years ago

Does TestExecute integrate with CrossBrowserTesting?



I can't activate the trial because of licensing issues otherwise I'd do that and it's probably quicker to ask on here than email support. 


We'd like to use TestExecute to run CrossBrowserTesting VMs if possible.



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    > Does TestExecute integrate with CrossBrowserTesting?

    Yes, it should as TestExecute is a run-time engine of TestComplete.


    it's probably quicker to ask on here than email support.

    Initial submission to Support must be done via the form.


    licensing issues

    If you provide details there is a chance to get some piece of advice...

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    That's a good question.  Technically speaking, the same execution engine exists in both TestComplete and TestExecute however, the documentation for TestExecute does not include the /CBT commandline switch.  So...  based upon that, I would say no.  But, I could be wrong.  Honestly, I would make a contact to SmartBear direct... you can send them an e-mail of a sales inquiry and see what they say.