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5 years ago

DB Table Variable Not Holding Correct Value

Have a weird instance of a problem I was hoping to see if anyone else has encountered. 


Within a keyword test, we have a DB Table variable that points to an excel file as a data source for the test.  For example, lets say it's at the location 'C:\Temp\Test\MainBranch\ProjecSuite\Data_Files\datafile.xlsx'.  When you view how the location is saved on the Variables tab of the Keyword Test, it displays as "..\..\Data_Files\datafile.xlsx".  When I attempted to run my test today (that has worked in the past), it reported the error of "Unable to connect to the data source" and listed a path on the Details tab of the log of 'C:\Temp\Test\ProjecSuite\Data_Files\datafile.xlsx'.  I have no idea why it decided to drop the folder from the path, but when I went to edit the variable to verify it was pointing to the correct location, it was.  Any ides or thoughts as to why this might happen?

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      Thank you Marsha!


      Hi MGN, I see that you raised a support ticket and, in fact, already got the investigation going. That is great.


      Also, please share the results with us when the investigation is over, this would be very useful!:smileyhappy:

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        MGN Judging by the support ticket, the issue stopped appearing for you. This was, perhaps, connected to some behind the scene changes done by your team. If you do have some additional info, please update us on it.


        Anyway, I am glad that the issue went away :smileyhappy: