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6 years ago

Compare an entry in table to a filename

I would like to test that every filename that gets registered in the database (i.e Media table / Media_name ID) and gets uploaded to the Cloud storage.  I have a utility tool that looks like File-explorer that will display the files that were loaded to the cloud.  Here is the use case

1) User imports an Image file using the UI of the image management software under development.

2) The SQL database will update the media name which is also the file name into the Media table and add a timestamp when the file was uploaded (see attachment).

3) Next, the File will get uploaded to the Cloud after the software discovers the image checked into image table is new.


My verification test is to compare the media ID (which is the filename as well) in the table, and make sure it was uploaded to the cloud. 


Manually I would test  it by opening the Media table and search for the recent update using a SQL query ...and make sure the file registered got upload comparing the media name to the filename that is shown in the cloud by opening File Explorer and opening the drive letter where the Cloud drive is mapped to. 


How can I capture the media id name (i.e A7BE7CEA-C36E-4E79-A2A9-A0057617E08B) entered in the SQL table and compare it to the filename (A7BE7CEA-C36E-4E79-A2A9-A0057617E08B.jpg) in File Explorer and make sure the names matches proving evidence the file did get uloaded.


How can I this be done with TESTCOMPLETE?


Thank you for your help.



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