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5 years ago

Chrome Test Extension crashes when using TestExecute and Task Scheduler together

When I run a test using TextExecute directly, my test runs fine in Chrome; however, when I use the Windows Task Scheduler to launch TestExecute and run a test, I get the following message from Chrome: "SmartBear Test Extension has crashed." Then Chrome freezes.


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome, but I'm not sure what to try next. Has anyone solved a similar issue?



  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • TestExecute 14.4
    • Disabled support for testing Windows Store applications
  • Chrome 81.0
    • SmartBear Test Extension
      • Allow changes On All Sites
      • Allow incognito
      • Allow access to file URLs
      • Collect errors
  • Thanks Everyone for your help - We figured out!


    In the Task Scheduler settings, there is a checkbox "Run with highest priveleges". When this is checked on my virtual machine, Chrome is run as an administrator. In my case, the administrator does NOT have the SmartBear extension installed in Chrome. Once this checkbox was unchecked, the SmartBear extension works under my user context. Then, TestExecute runs the test as expected. 

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    The TestExecute start well, test start well, but it's the TC extension which crash ?

    What is the error message ?


    No idea, i suggest you to open a support ticket on this.


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      I agree with BenoitB on needing to create an actual support ticket.  However, something to check might be elevated permissions.  When you run the TestExecute manually, I'm assuming you're just running it as your own user?  The scheduled task... what user is it running as?  Are you marking it for elevated permissions?  It might be that the extension is installed only for you and not for the user that is running under the task scheduler (Chrome extensions are installed per user profile).

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        I agree with BeniotB and tristaanogre, here's the link to the contact support form.


        However, if you provide us with the details tristaanoggre is asking from you, the community members will do their best to look for a solution inside the Community also!