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2 years ago

Can you increment results within a for loop?

Is there a way to add results in a for loop, while retaining the previous result so I can verify the entire list as items are added? Macys My Insite

var listArray = new Array();
listArray[0] = item1 = "100??";
listArray[1] = item2 = "20*0*";
listArray[2] = item3 = "x26*s";

for(i = 0; i < listArray.length; i++)
    _M.Btn(_filter, "Add").ClickButton();


As the loop continues, I want the Log.Message to add each array item, while retaining the previous array item:

Log.Message(item[i] + "," + item[i] + "," + item[i]);

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    Are you able to provide what the expected output is supposed to look like please?

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    Add each item to the end of a variable as you go and then put the variable out in the log message. 


    var myitems


    /* inside the for loop


    myitems = myitems + "," + Item[i]