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13 years ago

can we avoid too many magic numbers in the script?


When i checked my script recorded by TestComplete, i noticed many Magic numbers. One thing i don't understand is why TestComplete will note down the coordinate value like below:

Call table.cell1.linkJavascriptSubmit.textnodeLogin.Click(25, 7)

Instead, I tried the QTP, simple the code is like below:

Browser("JMap Admin").Page("JMap Admin").Link("Login").Click

That's for the same operation, click login links.

This kind of existing magic numbers makes me a little bit upset, because when playing back the script, from times to times, it happens to me that object not found or doesn't exist.

May i ask whether this is an issue or there's something we can do to work around the magic numbers.

Thanks for your help,


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  • Hi,

    'Magic numbers' are any hard-coded numeric constants, no matter to what method they're passed. You can remove coordinates from Click calls, in this case, TC will click the target control in its center.