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12 years ago

Can I upgrade from VBScript 5.7 to VBScript 6.0 to use this with TestComplete

I believe there are some enhamncements that eixst in VBScript 6.0, but if I install it, will this version be used by TestComplete please?

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    Hi Grant,

    I might be missing something, but the article you are referencing talks about VB runtime, but not about VBScript, so I think that installed files will be just ignored by VBSctipt runtime and thus by TestComplete as well.
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    The latest version of the Windows Scripting Host is 5.8. There is no newer VBScript. As per Microsoft, they refused to update it to .Net standard, and only ever do security updates to it now.

    So with that said, Tanya's answer puzzles me. What did R&D play with exactly?
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    Hi Grant,

    > [...] VBScript 6.0 which introduces classes to VBScript [...]

    Actually, VBScript has a functionality to create classes (see documentation for the Class keyword and for more details). Without inheritance or polymorfic calls, but anyway.

    Also, TestComplete has an ODT functionality that makes it possible (among other things that it can do) to create classes dynamically. Classes in ODT can be inherited from parent and even, with some not complex coding, it is possible to have something like virtual functions.
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    Hi Grant,


    Our R&D team have tried using VBScript 6.0, and everything seems to work fine in TestComplete. Give it a try.


  • Hi,


    Thank you all for your replies!


    I was under the impression that there is a VBScript 6.0 which introduces classes to VBScript

    and had been thinking that this could be useful.


    It would appear from Hugo's message that I misunderstood the article I found.