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6 years ago

Can I test a web page using testcomplete and Docker

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to test web pages using Docker and testcomplete? I know we can do it with a floating license and virtual machine. Therefore, I am guessing it also works. I ha...
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    6 years ago

    Hi all,


    My intentions were to avoid using VM to have different scenarios with browsers and OS versions (win 7 with IE, Chrome.. Win 8 with IE, Chrome...) to test. I was hoping that docker will do that for me, but I wasn't aware of how docker really works. I wanted I graphic enviroment and it seams that docker per se doesn't have it. After watching the video (below) I undertand or possible assume that you can use docker and TC; but not the way I wanted to use it. I have a test server for the apps


    Anyway thanks for you time and collaboration.