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3 years ago

Automatically close or click the ok button of the window that was created using ShowMessage() method

Hello, I want autoclose the window that was created by method ShowMessage() from BuiltIn routines. Is there a way to do this? (


function TestDialog()
   // var i;
   // i = MkSet(mbYes, mbYesToAll, mbNo, mbCancel);
   // i = MessageDlg("Message text", mtConfirmation, i, 0);
   BuiltIn.ShowMessage("Message text")



We did some validations through the video instead of checking the log itself, and it would be interesting to have a message at which stage of the test is being executed. But using this method forces some user to click the button. I tried to use the Spy feature, but testcomplete is blocked when window appear, I can only click on the OK and close buttons



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