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3 years ago

Access Violation When Using Microsoft Application Verifier With TestComplete

Hi all,


I'm trying to use TestComplete (15.31.374.7) to run my testing on a tested application. The tested application has been added into the Application Verifier and it is running by using WinDbg (as a debugger).


When I start to run the test project, the WinDbg triggered the Access violation error immediately.

To find the root cause, I use the Object Spy and drag the target icon to the desired window, and then the access violation error occurred.

Attached .TXT file is the command log exported from the WinDbg. Those commands were generated after I clicked Object Spy in the TestComplete.


Based on the above finding, is the TestComplete doesn't have the access or unable to retrieve the properties of a tested application if the application is added into the Application Verifier? Or the application is running by WinDbg?



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    I don't know what the conflict is, but it's a good practice to run the tested app and TestComplete and not run anything else at the same time.  What are you trying to do with TC inside a debugger?

  • Hi Marsha_R,


    The purpose to run the tested application using Application Verifier and WinDbg is to trace events and exceptions of the application while TC is running the test projects.


    As far as I know, TC has a plugin called DbgServices which also can be used to trace events and exception. Based on the documentation, it's very hard to compare the DbgServices with Application Verifier + WinDbg as we can't do any setup or changes to enable/disable what we desire to trace. In Application Verifier and WinDbg, we can setup the tests and event filters based on our own severity.