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3 years ago

about web table checkpoint

I used Table Checkpoint to try to check table-formatted cell values ​​on the web, but it captures a fairly black screen as shown in the picture.



Is there a way to capture the data down to the bottom that is not displayed on the screen when checking a table in table format with table checkpoint?

I've tried various methods, but it doesn't work.





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    Your screenshot references not a table but some panel.

    Can you check using Object Spy/Object Browser that the entity that looks like a table is implemented on the page using <table> markup but not, for example, a set of panels that just look like a table?


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      thank you for your answer.
      If you check with object spy, you will see FindElement ("// table [contains (,.'NO']")).

      If you see one cell with an object spy, it's the same as the photo.


      Even if it looks like a table in html, if it is a set of panels, will it not be recognized until the end

      when it is recognized by table checkpoint?