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October 2021 | TestComplete Community News

Hi TestComplete Community!


Welcome to the October TestComplete Community news. Updates include the Q3 Community Leaders announcement, a list of our most-discussed topics, new Academy courses, and product improvements.



We are happy to announce the TestComplete Community Leaders for Q3 2021!


These people have contributed and added so much value to the TestComplete Community over the last three months. The entire Community is so grateful for all the wisdom they bring to the table! Q3 2021 Community Leaders:




Alex and Marsha are our seasoned Community Leaders with a huge history of being the stars in the TestComplete Community. Thank you for all your efforts! We're also seeing some new faces on the Leaders list - Lee_M and A_Roskoshnyi. Welcome to the Community Leaders family - great things await!


Each of you will receive a $50 gift card from SmartBear, and, depending on your location, we might send you some great SmartBear swag.


Community members, remember – anyone can become a Leader! You just need to be an active participant in the Community and earn Kudos. Read the 3 Simple Steps to Become a TestComplete Community Leader to learn more.



Another great addition to our Inside TestComplete video interview series - please meet Yuriy Peshekhonov, TestComplete Team Lead in Customer Care. We discuss Yuriy’s work at SmartBear, SLA’s, case prioritization, and other interesting topics. 




To find more Inside TestComplete interviews, look under the TestCompleteTeam label.


Product UPDATEs

We released a new version of TestComplete – TestComplete 14.93. Learn about the enhancements included in the release:


     - Mobile testing improvements
          - Automatic device replacement

          - Support for iOS 14.7

          - The Device object has two new methods to check whether the virtual keyboard is visible or not, and the ability to hide this keyboard if needed

     - Web testing improvements
          - Easier updating of CSS selectors

          - Optical character recognition in web tests running in device clouds

          - New Electron support

          - Support for the latest versions of web browsers (Firefox 92, Chrome 93, Edge Chromium 93)

     - And so much more!


Read about more improvements here: What's New in TestComplete 14.93.  

If you have a maintenance subscription, go here to update to TestComplete 14.93

If you’re interested in TestComplete but don’t have it, request a free 30-day trial



September brought exciting news for the SmartBear Academy, our great free learning portal. We released two new courses for TestComplete:

     - Testing SAP Applications with TestComplete

In this course, you'll learn about the features of TestComplete that assist with the automation of SAP GUI desktop applications. Also, you'll learn to standardize automation practice. This course is extremely useful for anyone looking to automate SAP apps.

     - Automate Manual Testing with TestComplete

This course is for manual testers who are moving towards automation. It explains which TestComplete features will assist in this transition. It also showcases how to record a functional test without a single line of code, view the results, and edit the test. This course has a knowledge assessment module at the end – pass the exam and get a course completion certificate!


The collection of TestComplete learning courses in the SmartBear Academy keeps growing. Check out the full list of free TestComplete courses and enroll today!


Many of the courses have a knowledge assessment module – if you pass, you'll get a certificate. Congratulations to all SmartBear Academy students who got certified after completing TestComplete courses in September! They will receive a unique Academy Certified badge in the SmartBear Community:


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In September, many of you attended our annual conference, SmartBear Connect. We hope you enjoyed the event and got lots of takeaways. If you want to re-watch some sessions, you can access the recordings here:


Access Connect 2021 On-Demand


Thanks for spending time with SmartBear and we'll see you next year!


help us improve testcomplete

Do you want to help make TestComplete even better? Sign up to participate in UX research and share your valuable feedback. You’ll get the chance to win a $50 virtual gift card!


Please sign up HERE. We’ll reach out once we match you to a research study. Thank you for your time!



September brought a lot of fruitful discussions. Here’s the list of the most discussed forum threads. Feel free to participate in any of them:


     - Clicking certain area of an object on different screen sizes
     - Object causing exception during test run
     - .exe file run in test execute
     - Running the same test case in Test Complete Multiple Times
     - Verifying a URL in Edge



That’s all for today. Have a question or comment? Please feel free to let us know!

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