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November 2021 | TestComplete Community News

Hello TestComplete Community!


Welcome to the November Community news digest. Let’s talk about what’s happening in the community, TestComplete product updates, and more. The highlight of today’s news is the upcoming TestComplete Community Day 2021. Keep reading - this is going to be good!



On November 9, our TestComplete QA Team will reveal the secrets of their work and share exclusive suggestions about how to get the best out of test automation.


Watch video sessions, participate in a fun contest, and talk with TestComplete testing engineers in the comments! Participate and earn event points to win prizes.


Learn about TestComplete Community Day 2021.



I'm sure you are eager to learn about what’s coming for TestComplete. This is why we interviewed Justin Kim, Associate Product Manager. We spoke about the TestComplete roadmap, his role at SmartBear, his favorite TestComplete features, and more.


Justin is passionate about the Community, too. He's known here as hkim5, and he’s always on the lookout for questions to answer!




To find more Inside TestComplete interviews, look under the TestCompleteTeam label.



We recently improved the TestComplete Community structure. Posting to the forums is now more convenient than ever. Let’s see what's changed:


- Several TestComplete question boards have been united into a single board called TestComplete Questions. Ask all your product-specific questions here.


- We added the Technical Articles board. This resource stores how-to's, scripts, code samples, use cases, tips, and more. All the articles are written by community members. You can submit your own technical article - here’s how to do that.


- Another new board is Community Talks. This is a place where community members can take a break from work-related issues and just hang out and have fun. Feel free to start a discussion on any topic.



The first month of Q4 is over, and so many of you contributed to the TestComplete Community! Now is a great time to pursue Community Leader status. Read more about the benefits - 3 Simple Steps to Become a TestComplete Community Leader.


Here’s the list of October's most active community members:

Marsha_R mattb hkim5 AlexKaras ChiefBrian Lee_M tphillips 


Thank you for participating in the Community!



Community Industry Awards

We were nominated to Community Industry Awards 2022 in the User Group Program category! This is a huge honor for us. Thanks for all your nice words about the SmartBear Community - they were heard!

Now, we need your support - vote for the SmartBear Community to help us win in this category. If you want to vote, open the page below, expand the User Group Program item, select SmartBear, type your name and click Submit. Thanks a lot for your help!





The TestComplete Community is a great way to learn and master the tool. Participating in discussions and studying scenarios of other QA engineers is how you can boost your learning curve.

Take a look at the biggest discussions for October, and feel free to contribute:



A big release happened last month – TestComplete 15.0! This is another excellent major tool update with a plethora of great features. For one thing, TestComplete 15.0 introduces the dark theme that our users have been requesting! Check out the enhancements:

- Dark theme for TestComplete

- Web testing improvements

- Seamless installation of the SmartBear Test extension in Edge

- Support for the latest versions of web browsers: Chrome 94, Edge Chromium 94, Firefox 93

- Mobile testing improvements

- More easily switch between testing sessions opened on mobile devices in the BitBar device cloud

- And so much more!


Read about more improvements here: What's New in TestComplete 15.0.  

If you have a maintenance subscription, go here to update to TestComplete 15.0

If you’re interested in TestComplete but don’t have it, request a free 30-day trial



That’s all for today. Thank you for reading and have a great November.