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March 2022 | TestComplete Community News

Greetings Community,

We are happy to share the March TestComplete Community news with you! In this episode, you can review and jump into the most interesting discussions, congratulate the most active monthly contributors, learn the new product features and much more.




Next month, we will announce the quarterly community leaders! Here are the members who posted a lot in February and got many Kudos from you:



Don't forget to Kudo the posts you like to say thanks to the post author. This is the most valuable community award!


Read the 3 Simple Steps to Become a TestComplete Community Leader if you want to learn more about the leaders program.


Feedback Requested

We are looking for TestComplete users who want to leave feedback for new and exciting features the product team is working on at the moment:

  • Visual object recognition
  • Natural Language Command
  • New Test authoring mechanism

Post a message to this thread if you want to be involved.



New Technical Articles

Many of you are subscribed to the TestComplete Technical articles community resource - there's a ton of exclusive technical content prepared and posted by community members. In February, we got 3 more articles - check them out:

  1. Function to wait for processing to complete prepared by anupamchampati 
  2. Using sendmail for test failure alerts prepared by scot1967 
  3. TestComplete URL for the Jenkins TestComplete report page prepared by dw80394 


Folks, thanks a lot for your contribution!

Community, if you have something to share with your peers, please go ahead and submit your articles! In addition to the respect of the entire community, you will earn a unique badge, isn't it great? 🙂 How to Create a Technical Article contains more details.



Enroll in academy Courses

If you want to learn TestComplete from scratch or improve your current knowledge, we offer a great set of learning courses in the SmartBear Academy. You can enroll in the one you like, follow the lessons, pass an exam and earn a great certificate! Don't forget to share the certificate on LinkedIn by using the #SmartBearAcademy tag


Also, each community member who got a certificate gets a special "Academy Certified" badge. Let's congratulate the members who achieved it last month:

biswajitp245jw25rmalhotraRobvanbeestkboerschingericopycodeshalsharShaneWishharshkalia2007mhigginbothamdhundleygabedemouraAnneLRuchika, RichardJmarcfrenchchvimDk_3108Hyung-Mok-LEE, alpha13mKarenRugelabhishekray84SAHMEDkbhaskar




Review the most interesting community discussions and jump into one (or all of them) if you have something to add:



Update to TestComplete version v.15.31 where we released great improvements for mobile, web and desktop testing. Here are only some of them:

  • Easier connection to BitBar device clouds
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 support improvements.
  • .NET 6 support

Read the What's New in TestComplete article to learn about these and other upgrades. 

If you have a maintenance subscription, go here to update to your TestComplete version. If you’re interested in TestComplete but don’t have it, request a free 30-day trial. 



That’s all for now. Have a question or comment? Please feel free to let us know. 


/SmartBear Community Team 

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