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2 months ago

Use $ref in examples

I am building an update API in nest js and I want to document my API. In this update API I have different types of users and based on those users I have different properties (some properties are common across all type of users).

I want to use those DTOs as an example for those different users. Can I do that?

The examples code: 

export const updateDirectoryExample = Object.freeze({
  sample_1: {
    summary: 'Contractor',
    // value: {},
    $ref: '../dto/update-contractor.dto.ts',

  sample_2: {
    summary: 'Vendor',
    // value: {},
    $ref: '../dto/update-vendor.dto.ts',

Nest js controller code: 

    type: UpdateDirectoryResDto,
    type: UpdateDirectoryDto,
    examples: updateDirectoryExample,
    @AuthUser() reqUserDetails: IRequestUserDetails,
    @Body() body: UpdateDirectoryDto,
    @Req() request: Request,
  ) {
    return this.directoryService.updateDirectory(reqUserDetails, body, request);
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