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Unique Operation IDs for APIs using JAX-RS sub-resources

TL;DR - is there any way to have more control over the 'operationId' given to operations in an OAS,  when those APIs are implemented using JAX-RS's "subresource" feature.



I work on an open source Java project called Apache Solr that is trying to generate an OAS out of some existing JAX-RS and Swagger annotations.  In Solr we have certain chunks of functionality that we offer from two slightly different paths, e.g. GET /collections/{name}/schema and GET /cores/{name}/schema.


We represent this succinctly using JAX-RS "sub-resources", as in the snippet below:


public interface GetCollectionSchemaApi {
@Path("/") GetSchemaApi get();

public interface GetCoreSchemaApi {
@Path("/") GetSchemaApi get();

public interface GetSchemaApi {
SchemaNameResponse getSchemaName();

// Definitions of other shared subpaths omitted here for brevity


'swagger-gradle-plugin' reads these annotations and produces an OAS that is great in all respects, except that a numeric suffix is used to individuate the operationId of each of these similar APIs.  e.g.

    "/collections/{name}/schema/name" : {
        "get": {
             "operationId": "getSchemaName", ...
    "/cores/{name}/schema/name" : {
        "get": {
             "operationId": "getSchemaName_1", ...


We use our OAS for code generation and these "_#" operationId suffixes are less than ideal in our generated code.  Is there any way to influence how 'operationId's are picked and individuated for "@Operation" annotations in JAX-RS subresources.  Or a way to work around these slightly wart-y operationIds when doing code generation?

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