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Cross posted from ms visual studio forums but I am hoping someone here will have more knowledge.

I am trying to implement swaggerwcf on a wcf web api to which I have attached a rest api thusly:

        /// <summary>
        /// Gets a list of applciations based on operation ("AppID", "AppName", "AppDesc", or "AppOwner","AppHCAOwner") and paramater
        /// </summary>
        ///<param name="operation">"AppID", "AppName", "AppDesc", or "AppOwner","AppHCAOwner"</param>
        ///<param name="paramater">What you are looking for </param>
        /// <returns>List of applications</returns>
            //Service1 Service1Instance = new Service1();
            Application adApplicationDetails = new Application();            adApplicationDetails = Service1Instance.ApplicationDetails(operation, paramater);
            return adApplicationDetails;

I updated my web.config for this service with:

 <service name="SwaggerWcf.SwaggerWcfEndpoint">
 <endpoint address="swagger" behaviorConfiguration="swaggerBehavior" binding="webHttpBinding" contract="SwaggerWcf.ISwaggerWcfEndpoint" />





I've followed the instructions here and I've run into one problem when I go to http://localhost:55558/swagger I get a 404 error.    So where do I got to view my swagger definition it looks like the swaggerwcf instructions just kinda die on that step?


vs 2019

.net version 4.6.1

newtonsoft.json 8.0.3

swaggerwcf 0.2.15


thank you.

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