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9 months ago

Swagger-UI Rendering Issue - [Maximum call stack size exceeded]

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OS: Windows
Browser: Chrome
Version: org.springdoc:springdoc-openapi-ui:1.7.0
Method of installation: Gradle Artifactory
Swagger-UI version: 1.7.0
Swagger/OpenAPI version: org.springdoc:springdoc-openapi-ui:1.7.0

Swagger/OpenAPI definition:

Swagger-UI configuration options:


How can we help?
My POJO for Response is a big object and when I try to hit a GET or a POST request I see swagger-ui rendering errors like below :

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

something similar to what is mentioned here( and here(

I am on JDK 11 and SpringBoot 2.7.13, so I can't use openAPI 3, I have to stick with above versions.
What do you advise here please?


What I have tried till now :

None of the above could solve my problem!!

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