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2 years ago

Stoplight tags

In open api file tags are set as
- name: Users
I use json reference files for api path .Here
i use "tags": [
], to call the tags.In stoplight in bundle reference i am able to see the tags in in studio documentation tags are not appearing.

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  • Thanks for expanding Gayathri10 ,

    From an OpenAPI point of view, what you're doing looks fine. 


    I don't know much about how Stoplight works with their branching models, I imagine the best place would be to reach out to them via their support channels... 

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      Hi ponelat .

      I am using stoplight bitbucket cloud integration for my project.

      The issue is that.

      I have a main openapi (yaml) file with global tags

      - name: Users
      description: Everything about Users

      and in main openapi (yaml) file i use references of json files for paths and it ooks like this

      $ref: ../paxafe_backend/API/LoginPostApi.json


      In LoginPostApi.json file i have tags like "tags": [

      The issue is when i directly upload these files in stoplight i have no issue 

       But when i update the changes in local branch and then i git push the changes to the respected branch It looks like this 

       Also on git push styleguide.json and .spectral files are automatically created.Can i know is there any fix for the git push in stoplight for not adding these two files and for this tags issue