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2 years ago

Not sending req to server when using multipart/form-data: in swaagger UI

I am using swagger ui to make documentation of API. I am trying to post some data to the server and the server is not getting any requests from swagger. I tried to remove the content part and its wor...
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    2 years ago

    Hi Nidhin ,


    It's a little hard to read your definition as the format came out a bit wonky.

    But it does look like you're adding `requestyBody` underneath `parameters`? 


    OpenAPI 3.0+ has moved request bodies into their own field, and not in parameters (like it was in Swagger 2.0). 

    Take a look at for further docs around that. 


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    2 years ago

    HI ponelat , 

        Thank you so much  for your replai . I removed the parameter field and its working fine . Thank you for your help