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2 years ago

node.js Generated code with oas3-tools version 2.2.3 does not take middleware

I'm trying to add a middleware to the code generated by swaggerhub for node.js, it appears to ignore it and not use the middleware I'm adding:

const expressAppConfig = oas3Tools.expressAppConfig(path.join(__dirname, './api/openapi.yaml'), options);
const app = expressAppConfig.getApp();

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      I'm fairly new to node and very new to express and swagger.  I've generated the nodejs server stubs and I've been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how to add custom middleware and business logic.  


      Your solution looks promising but I'm trying to understand it. 

      1) Where are the middleware functions like helmet() etc... defined?

      2) Is custom middleware not supported in the current nodejs server stubs? 



      1)  Is it otherwise not possible to add custom middleware