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5 years ago

Java code gen "incompatible types" generic list value

I am getting an error in java code gen for a map of String->String[] in java.

The swagger source definition:

description: Provides a generic map of string->string
$ref: '#/components/schemas/StringArray'
title: DataMap
type: object
description: String array
type: string
title: StringArray
type: array

 Results in java code:


private Map<String, List<String>> dataMap = null;

  public RequestMetaData putDataMapItem(String key, List<String> dataMapItem) {

    if (this.dataMap == null) {

      this.dataMap = new HashMap<String, List>();


    this.dataMap.put(key, dataMapItem);

    return this;


This does not compile.  It fails with 


error: incompatible types: HashMap<String,List> cannot be converted to Map<String,List<String>>


This seems like a common definition structure.  Has anyone seen this/resolved it?

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