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4 years ago

Error: "No operations defined in spec!" - using ES6 Node Express with Consign & Swagger

Hi guys, I've worked with API before, but I've always wanted to work with a well documented API. My problem is that I've started a React Native project that needs to consume my own API, but we're u...
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    4 years ago

    There's some confusion about what "Swagger" means. "Swagger" refers to a family of tools developed by SmartBear. Our Swagger tools are listed on the website and published on GitHub in the "Swagger" organization:


    Some third-party community projects also use "Swagger" in their names - even though they are not related to SmartBear Swagger tools.


    swagger-jsdoc and swagger-ui-express are examples of such third-party community projects. (swagger-ui-express is not the same as our Swagger UI, but uses it internally.) The best way to get support with these projects would be to open an issue in their respective repositories: