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8 years ago

Unable to access my server hosting api, getting connect ECONNREFUSED, server on localho

I am new to swaggerhub.  I have a 2 valid swagger.json showing my 2 of my API definitions on the UI.  One of my API server is on localhost with host ( and the other is behind a VPN and ...
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    8 years ago

    Hi Raghavan,

    Thanks for reaching out.  Two things:


    1) Does your swagger definition list the host as ``?  It seems like that is not valid--perhaps you're trying to expose your API on all interfaces on a server, but I don't believe you'd want to tell consumers to connect to  Can you please share your intentions?


    2) For the try-it-out, there are currently two mechanisms that you can use to call your server.  The interactive docs use a proxy, to all you to call services which are not secured with SSL.  Browser security measures do not allow you to call a http server from https (like swaggerhub) so we enable a server-side proxy.  Because of your VPN, however, our external proxy cannot reach your server inside the VPN.


    The editor view does not use the proxy, so you can currently use that mechanism (with the same limitations as stated above, with respect to HTTPS).


    We are going to enable an option to disable the proxy for situations like yours.  In the mean time, you can use the editor, however you'llneed to address the hostname first.


    Please reply if that doesn't answer your questions.