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10 months ago

Saas vs on-prem

I am looking to understand the pros and cons of hosting swaggerhub on-prem vs cloud.  Most vendors provide a comparison spreadsheet, but I can't see to find anything like that.  Can someone point m...
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    10 months ago

    Hi marshawnm 

    It's hard to say since we are talking on 2 approach in term of infrastructure.
    you can always try a comparison by reading the whatsnew doc for both (on-prem / saas)

    If we suppose that the whole features and functionnalities exist on both, we can start with a basic list of  Pros/cons:

      Pros Cons

    - No maintenance

    - External corporate accessibility

    - Flexibility

    - Cheaper at short / med term 

    (to verify - This is my understanding)

    - Web access latency

    - No customization

    - Security standards compliance for Bank / Large organizations


    - Ownership and control

    - Customization

    - Security

    - Cheaper at long term (to verify - This is my understanding)

    - Governments / Bank / Large organizations

    - Infrastructure and installation

    - Updates & Patch

    - Server performance tunning

    - Server availability

    - dedicated maintenance team

    I suggest the community to update/maintain the table according to personal experience!!