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11 months ago

how to kill swaggerhub automocking integration server instance?



I have for some strange reasons an auto-mocking server answering a 404 error. 

I would like to reset it completely as there is no reason for that error.

I delete auto-mocking integration and server in the list. the "try-out button" disappear fine.

but i fund that my instance is still live

"curl -X 'GET' '' -H 'accept: application/json' -v"


How i can kill it completely to be sure when I will recreate it it will reset it ?


PS: I try to recreate auto-mocking integration for my API but still the same error so that is why I would like to kill it and recreate it completely.

Also, I recreate my API endpoint by endpoint from scrach and auto-mocking is working well. so that is why I suspected that my existing instance has something wrong.  


thanks in advance