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3 months ago

"Chat with Support" button not responding


Attempts to click on the "Chat with Support" button yields no reaction.

Additional details

  • Attempted while logged into Swaggerhub account while viewing list of APIs and viewing a specific api. 
  • Attempted on Mac 14.4 (23E214) Sonoma, Chrome (123.0.6312.59) and Safari (17.4)
  • Attempted on Windows 10 Firefox (124.0.1) and Edge (122.0.2365.92)
  • Attempt was made on chrome to explicitly allow popups, no effect. 
  • No obvious duplicate of this discussion thread comes up in searching.

2 Replies

  • update: this will be fixed soon in a product update. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • I'll have this looked it, but in the mean time, contact our support people here